Automatically update number field?

I have a number field that calculates the number of days overdue an item is. However, the number isn’t updated automatically, since it’s calculated based on Todays Date minus the Start Date of the item. So it works fine when the data is updated by running a workflow, but the Days Overdue field doesn’t automatically update based on Today’s Date without running that workflow. Is there a way to keep this number updated without running a workflow all the time?

Just wanted to bump this to see if anyone had any suggestions. I haven’t found a solution for this yet. @emmanuel can you suggest anything?

To update a number saved in the Database you will need to run a workflow to update it. Whether it gets scheduled to update periodically, or when a specific User tries to access it, or when a button is clicked is up to you.

Generally speaking though, do you actually need the # of Days Overdue as a saved number in the Database? Or can you just use it as a visual number using the calculation logic you mentioned, and only update the Database value when needed?

Thanks @gf_wolfer, this works! Much appreciated!

Great to hear!

I had just started this example screenshot so I will post it anyway. Can replace ‘Creation Date’ with ‘Item Start Date’ in your scenario