Automation IA Bubble/Make

Hey everyone (sorry for my english in advance),

So, someone build an app for us where I create my users who own companies their own “safe” with personal companie documents, a very long form about their companie (about 300 questions) to complete.

Our strategy is to use IA to search the public information such as registration number ect… who are published publicly and that we can call a generative IA (gpt, bard…) to answer these for the user.

The thing is that i’m still new with API Calls and i don’t really now how to automate the whole scheme for this.

I know how to extract the data from Bubble such as the company name for exemple but how can i ask gpt with a prompt to find me everything useful for me and then add the answers into Bubble.

In the screen below is the steps database

Some explanations on the db :
Order_by is a number that orders the questions (1st question is number 100, the second is 110 ect…)
Path is the path of the form asked, every part of the form has their path and their questions

I didn’t build this so i don’t have every answer for how the databse was created but i can answer questions as much as my knowledge can.

So basically, i wanna ask chatGPT to answer a prompt with the company name and he answers with the most public infos that he finds and then add them answers to the company specific questions and automate the process.

Thank’s for the help and see you :smiley:

You can speed up the search process by adding tags to questions/answers. With this, you can ask ChatGPT to craft custom responses based on the input you give it.

There’s more to this but perhaps this will help you in the right direction…