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I’m using timeslots (number) associated with times (text) to let customers search for appointment availability with businesses who use individual Full Calendars on my site. As of now I’m doing a search for all timeslots that aren’t in appts already booked, and those that are within business hours. This was a huge personal victory for me as a newbie :anguished: but now I’m trying to add another layer.

  1. My timeslots use 15 minute intervals (1 = 12:00 AM, 2 = 12:15 AM, etc.)
  2. I have appt types with # of Timeslots Needed (ex. 30 Min Appt = 2 Timeslots Needed)
  3. Customer clicks a business (user) from a list of businesses, then arrives to a booking page where they choose from the business’s appt types in a dropdown. Available timeslots appear in a RG.

My problem: If the customer picks appt type: 30 minute Dog Grooming with # Timeslots Needed: 2, how can I only show appt times where there are 2 timeslots together?

These are some approaches / directions I’m thinking, but I can’t figure out how to implement.

  1. Do a search for:
    ***Timeslot # is in: [Timeslots in below criteria - exclude those outside of business hours and those taken by booked appts]
    ***Timeslot # is in: [Timeslots in below criteria - exclude those outside of business hours and those taken by booked appts] + [# Timeslots Needed] -1

→ Available timeslots also need to be within the original list of timeslots that aren’t taken by appointments already and are within business hours, but not sure I’m showing this correctly above…

If it makes a difference I can change my # Timeslots Needed to use the # additional timeslots needed (1 for 30 min appt) so I wouldn’t need to include -1…

  1. For a 30 minute timeslot, maybe I could pull in every other timeslot? That seems like a terrible and messy idea.

I’m sure you can tell from the above that I’m clueless. :exploding_head: Thanks for any wisdom or ideas…

Existing criteria:

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Is there a way in Bubble to identify consecutive #s in a certain quantity (my # timeslots needed) ?
I just need a way to put a given list of available timeslots (for example, below) into consecutive groups of twos, threes, or fours for my different appt types.

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