Avoid Double Clicking(solved)

One of the user at work likes to double click on things and our app creates duplicate orders.
Is there a way to avoid double clicking, so once a button is clicked once to avoid giving a signal let’s say for another second?



The way I get around this is by using a custom state.

For example: Let’s say that you have a “button okay” element.

  • On the button’s parent element (or whatever), create a custom state of “isClickable” with a type of “yes/no”.

  • Set a conditional statement on the button. “When parent element (or whatever)'s isClickable is “no”, this element isn’t clickable”.

  • When the page loads, set that state to “yes”.

  • When a user clicks “okay”: As the workflow’s first action, set "isClickable to “no”. This will render the button non-clickable due to the logic set up in step 2. Once the entire workflow runs and you’re confident the user will not click it again, set “isClickable” back to “yes”.

That should accomplish what you’re looking for.


That worked!, thanks…

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