Avoid duplicate don't work - Seach for Users :count is 0

I’m trying to use Search for Users :count is 0 to avoid duplicate values on the database, but it is not working.

Someone know how to solve it?

What do you mean it’s not working?

It doesn’t create the account when it should? Or it does when it shouldn’t? Or something else?

Have you checked the debugger or server logs to see what’s going on?

Privacy rules? The whatsapp number might not be available to everyone. And rightly so.

I tend to use count < 0 … in case it is null.

count < 0 don’t work to avoid duplicate

Search for Users :count is 0 don’t avoid duplicated result saved on database

No, it doesn’t.

What it does is check to see if something already exists.

So you put it on your “Create A Thing” as a condition.

Actually a speedier way is to get “:first item” with your key and check if the UID is empty.

it does when it shouldn’t