Avoid RepeatingGroup reload

Hi community,

I have 2 pages:

  1. Page with a RepeatingGroup with a list of products that goes to page 2 on click
  2. Page with the detail of the product

My issue is that every time user go back from page 2 to page 1 the RepeatingGroup reloads the data again.

I would like to load the list of products only once and maintain it on cache during the website session.

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Simplest way is to have your list stored in a state using a workflow (eg. On Page Load). Then just point your repeating group’s data source to the state.

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P.S. @ihsanzainal84 custom states will reset as soon as page is left/reloaded, so it won’t help with this case

Is OP referring to Repeating group pagination or a different webpage? :thinking:

@ihsanzainal84 I don’t use pagination neither link to different webpage, everything happens in the same bubble project.

To clarify, I want to avoid reloading the data of a page when I go back to it from another page.

This should be possible, specially with the new changes in pricing…

Thanks for help

What does the new pricing model have to do with this?..

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More data fetches, so more WU spending

Searches that populate RGs with lots of data use a load of WU, nearly 50% of usage in the context of my app. Being able to cache search results will really help in the context of the OPs app.

@it121 I get around this by having the info appear in a popup instead of a new page. This cuts search but might not work for your use case.

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