🛠 ᴺᴱᵂ ᴾᴸᵁᴳᴵᴺ AWS S3 Dropzone & SQS Utilities (Image Resizing & Compression, MultiUploader, Folder Support, No Filesize Limit & Automated AWS Environment Setup!)

Thanks @GH5T , we will put this item in our improvement backlog.

Hello @GH5T , I have a :gift: for you!
Please find an action to get the file metadata, including file size.

Hey Bubblers!

This plugin has been updated with the following:

  • AWS S3 Dropzone visual element: Multi-files Upload any size, Download, Delete
  • List Files’ URL from S3 : Get the list of files from a bucket



I’ve got a problem with the AWS S3 Dropzone element. I put it into a popup. When popup is first opened, everything works, but when I close the popup and reopen it, AWS S3 Dropzone element is 1px high and doesn’t work anymore. I tried using “Reset AWSS3Dropzone” action, but that didn’t do anything either. And this happens whether I upload I file or not in the first instance.

Mind that the page is still using the old responsive engine. Might it be related to that or is it some kind of another bug?

Thank you,

Hey @quantumind,

Thanks for your message!

Is there any error in the browser’s javascript console in debug mode?

No there isn’t.

Can you please DM me the page and if possible editor mode to the app?
I would like to have a look.

Done, sent the link

Hey Bubblers!

This plugin has been updated with the following action:

  • Set File Public Access : Enables or disable public access via the virtual-hosted-style URL, typical use-case for a private bucket.



Is it possible to somehow get the file into Bubble, before it goes off to AWS? Using the dropzone (unlimited) version of the plugin. I would like to build the following logic

  1. Save the file to bubble database
  2. Upload it to S3
  3. check whether it is actually there and returns 200
    4.1) delete from bubble storage if 200
    4.2) try to upload again if 403

I know it’s possible with the backend action but it has a file size limit.

Yes, that’s the solution.

However, why would you duplicate storage location @quantumind ?

Our users are uploading quite a lot of big files (bigger than 22mb) and in big batches (sometimes 30 files at once). Quite often one or two files don’t reach S3 for some reason. The uploader just stops randomly.
I would like to build a backend workflow to upload it also to bubble storage and if the upload to S3 fails, reupload it.

That’s what needs to be investigated and fixed, otherwise that’s a plaster on a wooden leg.
Feel free to send me in DM any browser console output and/or logs file in case of upload error.

If you really want to go to this path (which I do not recommend), you will be facing the 22mb file limitation.

Just a quick heads up :slight_smile: When using “Delete file from S3” action, this is what gets logged in the backend :

ERROR (node:9) NodeDeprecationWarning: The AWS SDK for JavaScript (v3) will no longer support Node.js v12.22.11 on November 1, 2022. To continue receiving updates to AWS services, bug fixes, and security updates please upgrade to Node.js 14.x or later. For details, please refer our blog post: https://a.co/48dbdYz END

Haven’t tried with the other actions (i don’t use them)

I noticed that on @redvivi 's Wasabi plugin as well

Yes, Bubble has been informed, response below dating from beginning of September:

At the moment, there no immediate plans to upgrade our Node.js version, as it will be a breaking revision for our current plugins. Because this is a topic that has been brought up by other users, we have escalated this feedback to our engineers to begin the conversation.

Unfortunately there is nothing I can do. And yes this will cause platform issues sooner or later if nothing is done.

NodeJS 12 is EOL since 30 April 2022

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Yikes, good to know

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Hey Bubblers!

Just to let you know that the plugin has been updated with:

  • the capability to cancel a file being uploaded
  • a script to automatically set-up your AWS environment in 3 minutes.


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why do i get this error? It’s is really frustrating me.