Aylien plugin help


does anybody know how to use Ayline plugin for sentiment analysis? I would like to analyse text posted by users and text pulled from external resources.

Thank you

When I initialize a cal with this setup I get an error message.

can someone help with it?

You may need to add a header

You may need to url-encode the link in the parameter.

Can you get it working in Postman?

It works on Bubble and Postman with other URL’s such as yelp, wsj, etc. But not with Bubble’s URL.

I tried yours and it gives me this message “error”: “requirement failed: either text or url is required”

Does it work in Bubble using the text parameter instead of url?

Does it work from Postman using the Bubble url? If this fails too, I suggest raising a bug to Bubble support.

It works in a bubble using text parameter. It does not work in Postman using Bubble url.
I emailed support team and they told me to ask on the forum.
Thank you for your help.

Interesting it works with other urls but not a Bubble url, maybe there is something weird about the url? What is the url you are trying?


I tried on their website, their analysis doesn’t seem to work with any Bubble apps.

It may be something to do with timeouts, I suggest raising an issue to aylien on this page: