Azure Custom Vision Api


Does anyone have an example to share? I am having no luck in setting up an API to connect to an exsiting Custom Vision project on Azure?

I have tried to follow these requirements but still not able to initialize the API?

My aim is to train and call an existing module which was created manually on the Custom Vision Application.

My current api setup.

Any advise?

Hi Charless,

I am looking to do the same thing, did you have any success?

You might want to look into the Peltarion plugin which is very similar and working: No-Code Deep Learning with Bubble & Peltarion - Bubble

Hi Matt

Thanks for link. I will have a look.

No i did not manage to figure it out. But I also suspect that the issue is due to not having a static i.p address.

It appears that in azure you need to specify the static i.pā€¦

I was able to connect to Azure Custom Vision and return predictions to Bubble by building a Python API on

Feel free to shoot me an email at if you want more info.

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