Background Video Color Transparent Overlay

In one of the training sites from a udemy course, the instructor has a video background with a color overlay, but he doesn’t say how he did it. I can set the color background, or I can set the video, but I can’t figure out how to have both like this.

Here is a video of the site (animated background starts about 6 seconds in):

As you can see, the video has a yellow overlay that is transparent to show the video.

How can I do this?

I have a lesson that mostly covers this concept from the perspective of images.

You can use the overall logic, with the exception of inserting a video into the drawn groups. (Since you can’t set a group’s background style to a video.


Cool. I was hoping it wasn’t that, because my site isn’t fixed width, but I tried it anyway and it seems to work… at least in my browser:

Background Overlay : totally solved
Great tutorial. thanks Dan.

Also good to see you did some dragging and dropping for Grouping there. Am having trouble getting the hang of group management in bubble so that a clue - some docs to review.

Appreciate the positive thoughts! Some of my videos are public on my Youtube channel. But most of the collection is on LearnTo.

What concepts regarding grouping are giving you trouble? I’ll point you to some resources.

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