Bad Math using Date/Time Picker?

I am trying to calculate the total number of hours between two times using two date/time pickers, but I’m getting incorrect output. For the total number of hours between 2PM and 2:45PM, the calculation is showing .80 hours instead of .75.
I’ve created a text element with dynamic data to run the calculation. What’s going on here?

I’ve replicated this and just found the same behaviour. Docs say it rounds to the nearest tenth. Why? Who knows. Anyone know why technically speaking Bubble might only return it to 1 d.p? Surely they didn’t just decide that it’s better to do this than to return the exact decimal value like virtually all other calculations in Bubble.

Thats dumb… I guess do :format as minutes / 60 (or even seconds / 3600)

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Just did your solution @tylerboodman
Thanks for suggesting a workaround.

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