Bar for amounts, not percentages

Hi all! I want to show just a few vertical bars showing a number, instead of a percentage. The problem is with the progression bar element if I display a value greater than 100, it show just the full bar and a β€œ100” value. Is there a way to have a bar for amounts only? Thanks! :slight_smile:

The way the progress works is by percentage, so if your value is greater then 100 it will show that is is full. You can do a work-around this and take the value and divide it by a number, for example if you take 200/4 and that would show the bar half full.

You would then want to hide the percentage text because to would not have anything to do with the value.

Hope this helps you.

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Thanks a lot, @lester! After trying your approach (really cool, BTW), I saw that it’s a bit complex if you want to have different bars, since you have to have a common denominator for both, otherwise you cannot compare them visually… Finally, I created an HTML element that has a β€œblock” that looks like a bar and that changes the hight in function of the number, and like this I am not restricted to 100 as maximum :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for the help!

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Would you mind posting an example of what your technique looks like on the editor side?

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