BDK Payments - Where Do I Get Bundle Data?

Hi there, I am using The BDK to wrap my single page bubble app into a mobile native app.

I am having trouble with the following:
-I cannot create subscriptions in my Google Play Account for Android - it says “create APK” instead
-I can’t add my android subscription ID in the input on my native mobile app because I don’t have the subscription ID yet (because I cannot add it in Google Play)
-I need to fill in ios bundle ID and android bundle ID in the BDK plugin settings - where do I get these from?
-I need to add my private key to the backend workflow for the Android verify receipt (Android only - not ios) - where do I get this private key?

Any help would be appreciated. I have found the BDK videos + tutorials very helpful, but I would love some additional help here as I’m lost and cannot find it in the documentation.