Before purchase question: adding functions i want on the booky template by zeroqode or use other booking system/plugins?

So I wish to build a booking system for experts to teach skills in various areas and I just found a booking template made by zeroqode called booky that looks wonderful.

The problem is that it lacks certain features that I wish to add such as:

  1. It doesn’t have a scheduling system where the instructor could specify the time it wants to block or the time that the course was booked by others

  2. The system doesn’t allow repeated bookings which would be a hassle for students for booking more lessons

  3. It only allows stripe seller users to be instructors, which limits the number of instructors and I wish the system to allow instructors to register easily.( like upload id for registration and withdraw money only when selected)

So my question is since the template is very suitable but lacks much time booking features, what would bubblers advise?

Should I buy the template and add functions with additional plugins or use other plugins to create a time booking system since I think there are some plugins that may have such functionality.