(Beginner) Little problems with Bubble

Hello everyone!

I’m just starting on Bubble and I have a little problem that I can’t solve on my own and that I can’t find an answer to despite my research… that’s why I’m talking to you, hoping that you can help me a little :slight_smile:

So here it is:

I’ve installed a landing page template (just to warn when my site will open soon, with the possibility to leave your email address to be informed of the launch), I was able to customize it without any problem with my images, translate the messages, etc…

Where the problem arises is on the one hand, when “I try the system”, I realize that when I enter my email address, no “client” is created in “data”, whereas in the workflow, I indicated that when you fill in the field and click on the button, it creates a new client (cf. images 1 to 3) and, then, in the workflow, I asked that after creating a new client, it automatically sends an email (to me) containing the email address that has just been left (cf. image 4) and I don’t receive any mail… on the other hand, in the “send email” window, in the first box “to”, if I change “website admin email” by “input Enter your email”, there is a mail that is sent… to the address I just filled in the field… so, in the end, it will be the prospect who will receive the mail containing his email address… not me…

Could you please help me so that when you fill in the email field and click on “send”, a client is created in data and I receive an email with the email address that was entered in the field?

Is it necessary to connect an email system (mailchimp, sendinblue, etc…) as well as excel or google sheets? Is this the reason why the workflow doesn’t work? So, how to connect the emailing system and the spreadsheet?

In advance, thank you for your help!


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I think you should use Current User email in your options. I just looked at my set up for a new client and that is how I would send an email to the new person.

Using Current User’s email could be helpful only when that user has an account created. It depends, are your clients able to make an account on the website or do you want the client to enter their email (without password) and save it for important announcements (ex: launch)

whoops. True!

Thank you for your answer,

Indeed, if I put “current user email” as an option, it sends the email address to the customer, whereas I’m the one who needs to know the email address :wink:

Thank you for your answer,

Yes, that’s it, I just want to collect e-mail addresses. So make the user leave his email address (without password) and save it to receive announcements.

I’m on my phone. But from what I can see in your images you’re doing the right thing and there’s no need to connect a third party email service. Bubble is already using Sendgrid.

A silly question, but are you looking under app data and there’s no entry there with the email?

Thank you for your answer,

Exactly, I also thought that it would automatically create a data entry in data, but this is not the case (as you can see on picture 3, this is the screenshot I made of the “data” section) and, precisely, I would like that when the user enters his email address and clicks on “send”, there is a data that is created in “data” and/or that I receive an email containing the email address that the user just entered

here is a screenshot of the “app data” section, where you can see that no data has been created

I have to say I’m a bit stumped here. It’s a very basic workflow.

The only thing I can think of is that bubble quite often doesn’t update the app data page
you would have to refresh the page manually for new data to show up. But it should be there.

For the email,
You don’t have to have a dynamic value for send to email, you can just write any old email in there if it’s always going to your email. I would use the result of step 1 as body however, rather than the fields input. But I think that’s more a personal preference than anything :slight_smile:

Hey @g.pagnard

I have created this little application to help you out. If this helps, wouldn’t mind getting a Like :smile:

Editor Link
Website Preview

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How do I manually refresh the page? If it’s refresh, as you can refresh a classic web page, I’ve already done it several times, without seeing any difference: no data appeared…

And, I’m sorry but, I didn’t understand the second part of your message “You don’t have to have a dynamic value to send to email, you can just write any old email in there if it’s always going to your email. I would use the result of step 1 as body however, rather than the fields input. But I think that’s more a personal preference than anything.”
Could you be more specific? Thank you!

Thank you very much, that’s very kind of you :slightly_smiling_face:.

I’ll try to put it up on my page to see if it’ll help ^^


Okay, so I tested your app and, I saw that:

  • when you enter your email address and click on “save email”, there’s a data that appears in the “clients” table in the “data” tab.
  • when you enter your email address and click on “launche announcement”, you receive an email but no data appears in the “client” table of the “data” tab.

Since, personally, what I’m looking for is to get the data (and not specifically to send email), I copied your workflow for the action enter email address → click on “save email”. The problem is that, when I put it on my own page, it doesn’t work… no data is created in the “client” table of the “data” tab (see the screenshots below)…

That’s very strange indeed. I quickly recreated exactly what you’re trying to do and have no problems with saving the input’s value or sending the email.

Have you tried doing this in a new app? I wonder if you’ve run into some strange bug. But it’s hard to tell without seeing your application. Could be worth checking your privacy rules so there’s nothing blocking access to saving data. I don’t have bubble in front of me right now, so not sure what that would be.

As for the email. if you’re having issues with email not being sent when using a dynamic value. you could use a static value. i.e. just write your email in that field. For body, if you use “result of step1” it will take the result from the first step in your workflow, which would be the email the user gave, and that will be the content of the email being sent.

Thank you for your answer,

Can I keep the same template if I create a new application? Will I be debited again?
Because I had already tried to create another app from this tamplate. I deleted it because it wasn’t working the way I wanted (problem with the responsive), I created a new one (this one) and, they charged me a second time for a personal plan ($29)… so, if I can avoid paying again and again for nothing, that would be fine with me because, it ends up costing me a lot for something that doesn’t work on top of that…

As for the email, I tried to enter a static value and not a dynamic one but it doesn’t work, it doesn’t send any email to the email address I gave.

I completely missed the part about using a template in your first post. Sorry about that.

What I would do then is create a new app, without using a template. that wont cost you anything.
Try setting up the same workflow in this app just a basic input and a button. If you can get the workflow to run properly by doing that. It’s quite likely that there’s something with the template messing it up. And I would get in touch with the template maker and ask them to troubleshoot or refund your money… twice :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks, I’ll try then :slight_smile:

Cool. please let us know how it goes. It would be very interesting to see what the issue is.

So, I tried to do what you told me but, I can’t create the workflow… there’s an error message (see the image below), however, I did exactly the same thing as in the application template I created NullByte earlier in the discussion

And finally, the last adjustments that you advised me to receive an email containing the user’s email address ended up working in the initial application so, in any case, if I don’t create a new data, I can at least receive the collected email addresses and enter them in an excel table for example

Not to worry. Bubble has a steep learning curve and (in my view) a pretty )subpar documentation.
But when you get the hang of of it, it’s super fun and very powerful. But it’s extremely frustrating when you pick it up, as is most advanced software :slight_smile:

In this case Bubble is saying “hey, you are trying to feed me one type of data, but I’m expecting a different type.” If you go back to your data types, and look at the field email. it most likely says “client” right next to it? So bubble expects you to give it “client” data. But the input field is of “text” type. So if you delete the email field, and create a new one. But set the type to “text” and it should hopefully work.

edit: glad to hear that email is working now. Halfway there :slight_smile: now we just need to get the input field and saving to work.