Being able to style form elements - dropdown choices font size to be consistent

Currently the drop down menu allows you to style the displayed font but the drop down choices are not consistent with any changes made to the display font.

I would like to suggest Bubble, add the ability to reflect the designated font display size to also be reflected in the choices, a check box to enable this in the editor would give us the choice.


I’m about 75% sure the browser determines the look and feel of the basic dropdown. @levon has built a plugin to give you more control over the dropdown appearance.

Steven is aware :slight_smile:

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To a certain extent it is, but I am 99% sure you can manipulate font size of displayed choices in a drop down.

Ok, after a thorough investigation it appears there is a reported bug for Firefox and unless you know JavaScript creating a customised drop down font size is inconsistent, but with a better available form widget set from Bubble this would fix the style issues.

There are some options and a great article on the developers website more details here if you are interested in diving into the CSS.

Note: you will need to add in a CSS Tools plugin by PlugBubble to achieve these in Bubble.