Best contract signing plugin?

I’m looking for the best e-signature plugin for a simple contract.
The basics…
I agree to…
I understand…

What are best / most proven applications out there?

I just do the Signature Pad plugin, and make all the “I agree to the terms” stuff right on the Bubble app

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Thanks I’ll check if that fits my needs

I think PlugBee has a new plugin for signatures, I haven’t used it but its probably good

“Best” really depends on a lot of things and hard to say here. One consideration is volume. is nice that way as it charges per contract rather than per month and has an API-centric design. A lot of the other ones have to have an upgraded package to access the API. That said, we are also planning on building the whole contracting workflow within Bubble itself. The only plugin you might need is an IP tracker for the audit trail.

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Hey @TekaTeki have you direct experience of using
If so, would be good to hear more about your experiences and the general flow…

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yes, I use it for all our company contracts… at the moment I trigger it through integromat, but it was easy to set up the API connector in Bubble also.


Great - will have an explore. Thanks

You can try using BoldSign API. It is an API-first product, and it is a RESTful API. So, it is easy to plug into any workflow.

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