Best Practices in Figma to get clean Bubble import?

Hey everyone,

Looking into Bubble’s integration capabilities.

I have had very mixed results with Figma imports into Bubble. I even bought a few figma templates from different sites (luckily I have some research budget!) and saw that many of them greatly differ.

However, I’m not a figma expert nor a designer by trade.
Has any one discovered certain mappings from Figma to Bubble that work well or things that have a hard time translating?

Been searching if there’s a best practices guide for Figma to Bubble transalation but have not found anything, if anything I’d like to start a thread and start building a list of practices here.

My advice is don’t import. I can always make the app from scratch way faster than importing and editing a figma file.

While I understand most people will want to do that for practicality when they have an actual project to work on.

I think this post is meant to be a long term guide for the people who want to make the attempt and hopefully be used to help guide a future plugin or to make the current one better.