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Best way to make a two-language app

I’m french. My website is currently all in English.
I also have reserved the .fr domain to have it in French. I’ve read considerably on multi-lingual websites with bubble (App(text)…) but some posts are very old, some contest the related SEO or google search engine. In 2021, what would you suggest as the most practical, easiest and best method to go with for a two-languages app?
Again, thanks a lot

Are you asking how to do it technically or from a SEO perspective?

How to do it technically first and foremost, but including considering the SEO.

Alright, so I created a video which gives you a foundation to start with. I’m German, so I’m having kind of the same struggle with two-language apps. We’re also currently working on a video which shows more of the management of different user input in different languages. I will post it here as well.



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Use bubble’s app text language in the conditionals tab.

Ok, so I guess I’ll stick to the App Text () then :wink:

Jap :wink:

I remain confused, because I simply would like the to appear in french. And the to appear in english.
Also, leaving the texts elements as AppText(something) surely doesn’t give a good SEO to position my app in google neither in french, nor in english, as it would remain AppText and not the actual words in the right languages…

Ok, what I have tried so far that seems to work:

  • I redirect the .fr domain to .com?lang=fr_fr
  • at page load of the index, I set the current user’s lang to fr_fr if empty
  • lang is now set for the rest of the navigation at fr_fr for this user who arrived originally via the .fr link

SEO shouldn’t be a problem. Google reads the html page generated by bubble, that means all the AppText() are replaced by the english/french text that you defined in settings. What you see in your browser is what Google sees when scanning your website.