Best way to reduce WU usage on Repeating Group

Hello Developers!

Lately, I’ve encountered some challenges with my application, particularly regarding repeating groups that display user details. After implementing a few adjustments to the application, I’ve noticed a significant increase in workload.

My bubble application has around 6,000 users and with the current plan and overages enabled, I wanted to know what is the best way to reduce WU usage when displaying repeating groups? I have attached below the usage of all the repeating groups, I used the “search for” and the “custom state” method but both still seem to use a lot of workload.

The workload consumed by repeating groups has become excessive. Is there a way to minimize it? Or it’s best to use a workload plan or opt for overages?

Thank you.

Yes there is , so 1st approach : Don’t populate them with data until they are visible , add a condition when get data #item2 , this element is visible , data source : do a search for . 2nd approach : 1st approach doesn’ t work when you have paginated the rg , so lets say you have a button thats says ‘‘show more of that rg’’ and it is visible when rg count < rg’ show more this element is visible , even if you add page loaded above fold or get data from #2 prior to them they do the calculation regardless , I have yet to solve the problem 2.