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Best way to set-up/save Availability element

In my app there will be days/times (a staff’s availability) that will be matched to a user’s days/times (requested availability).

I’m thinking of a chart that consist of 7 weekday columns with 24 1 hour slots to select from.

If I use a chart, what’s the best way for the following?

  1. Element - (check box -vs- radius button) when selecting the times?
  2. Saving - (Separate days/times - vs- entire chart) in database? Field as a list?
  3. Displaying matches in a repeating group - (What constraints)?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

If it’s a production grade app, then I’d design this from the user’s POV and think through what will work best for them. Bubble can get this done in a whole variety of ways so it shouldn’t be all that limiting. If it’s just a prototype, then perhaps go with whichever approach is easiest to build in Bubble.

If production grade, then I’d consider:

  • Displaying the visuals as a box or shape that had a condition that changes the background color (and perhaps border, etc.). You could enable the user to click the box and have it trigger a workflow that toggles a custom state between yes/no to turn background color on/off for each 1 hour time slot.
  • I’d keep the database simple to make it easier to query later. You likely want a User Availability Table, a Staff Availability Table, and perhaps a Pending Requests Table. These tables could be simpl e like this:1) day of week, 2) time of day, 3) isAvailable
  • Displaying matches in repeating groups likely works. They key here is to try to structure the RG data source queries so that it doesn’t need a search within a search (or else it’ll start to get quite slow).

I’d go a much quicker/easier route if it’s just a prototype or MVP. Can always add more later.

Hope this helps.



Thank you Scott, this does help a lot.

I’m attempting to create (first timer) an MVP to solve a program in an industry I’m in but finding it a bit daunting in moving my ideas from paper to reality.

Thank you again & I hope you don’t mind if I hit you up again sometime.


Makes sense Willia.

Moving from idea to reality can be daunting - I fully get it. Keep pushing, and don’t give up. It’s not easy, but it’s definitely worth all of the effort and frustration. Plus, you get better at it over time which makes it even easier the 2nd and 3rd time.

I’m happy to help, and so are lots of other people on the forum. We’ve all been there before.


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