[Beta-annonuncment] Cloudsignal: Real-Time Cross-Component Data Transfer

We are excited to present our latest service offering: CloudSignal. :drum: :drum:
Originating from our customers’ needs, this innovative solution is designed to revolutionize real-time data transfer across Bubble.io reusable items, pages, and apps.

CloudSignal emerges as a ‘Bubble-first’ solution, eliminating the need for workarounds, multiple 3rd party applications, and custom code developments - thereby making the process significantly more efficient through a unified cloud-based messaging service.

We, at NoCoderROI, an experienced no-code Agency from Israel specializing in Bubble.io solutions, invite you to be part of our closed beta program.

Your participation will be instrumental in enhancing CloudSignal’s capabilities, aligning more closely with market needs and user preferences.

Supported Use Cases:

:arrow_right: Initiate actions in any reusable component, webpage, or independent application upon specific events.
:arrow_right: Personalized inter-app messaging for instant chat assistance
:arrow_right: Support for both one-to-one and one-to-many message distribution and subscription.
:arrow_right: Live monitoring with tailored data payloads

We are offering this service to beta testers for free and invite them to help us shape it while learning about other use cases that could benefit from such a service. :beer:

Join our beta program here: https://forms.gle/ShGa7qPtJuWgQbkv5

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Hello Bubblers!
We’re thrilled to share the news that our CloudSignal plugin is now up and running, ready for you to install. Our beta program has been steadily growing, and there’s still room for more members. CloudSignal is designed with Bubble in mind, offering a real-time messaging experience that utilizes queuing mechanism. This ensures dependable messaging across pages, apps, and modules, and even includes support for offline events!. Interested in joining our beta program? Simply visit www.cloudsignal.io to sign up. Thank you, and wishing you all a Happy New Year!