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Better Uploader ☁️ [Free Plugin]

I’ll check it out tonight. It’s not something I’ve thought about before. The limit file size option doesn’t do anything I don’t think. I’ll get back to you soon with an update :slight_smile:

I appreciate it! If I was able to access the file size of the Raw Data from your plugin, I could run workflows to alert the user if it’s too big, or send the file to Croppie if it’s ok. I’m using Better Uploader to send images to croppie before uploading them, it’s working perfectly. The file size thing is the only part I can’t crack yet.

I did find that I could get the “character length” of the Raw Data and use that to estimate file size. It’s not 100% accurate, but could work if there is no other way.


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You could always decode the data URIs from the raw data and access the file size. It’s probably like 2 or 3 lines of JavaScript :wink:

I’m glad it’s been useful for you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi @jonah.deleseleuc , your plugin looks awesome and it looks like you are maintaining it well :slight_smile:, thank you for that. The link to the documentation is broken though…

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Thank you for the kind words. Turns out I made a stupid mistake and deleted the documentation from my drive when I was cleaning up. I can’t get it back and Bubble also does not let me update the post since it is too old. If you have any questions let me know. I’ll eventually make another one :slight_smile:

Hey, @jonah.deleseleuc,

First of all, great plugin.

Is your plugin capable of some things? Here are some requests/questions:

  1. Is selecting (not drag & drop) folders doable?
  2. Is it possible to have the exact uploading progress, not per file progress (0% - 100%)
  3. Can you add an option to select the max total size, not the per file max size?
  4. Accept BBcode in the placeholder.
  5. Can users remove a file from the list of Better Uploader Raw Data?
  6. Is there a way to create a Thing per file and add that file to that Thing? That way, when a user uploads 20 files to the cloud, it will create 20 different Things, each with one file.

I really appreciate any help you can provide. :slight_smile: :computer:

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Hey hacker,

thank you for the positive feedback. In order…

  1. You can select multiple files, drag and drop multiple files or drag and drop a folder. You cannot “select” a folder. I actually think the ability to “select” a folder is a thing that is disabled by the operating system. When I navigate through the uploader’s upload window, I can right click and there is a prompt to “Select” the folder but it doesn’t do anything more than open it.
  2. It is possible! But it’s not a feature at the moment (haven’t found myself in a situation where it mattered all that much, it takes only a few seconds to upload a file).
  3. This is possible! Not a feature right now, but it would be an interesting update.
  4. Do you mean dynamic data? I am unfamiliar with the term “BBcode”
  5. Technically if you use the :split function you can. However, don’t do this! I will explain more in the following post.
  6. I think it is. Get the number of files by doing “Raw Data:split(split by ,):count”. Now that you have the count, create a recursive workflow and I think you should be able to figure out the rest :wink:
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Continuing on #5 from my last post…

Any modifications you make to the Raw Data exposed state doesn’t actually affect the list of files that gets sent to the “Send file to cloud” action. Don’t expect to be able make changes to this exposed state and to also affect the actual upload process!

This is because plugin’s are not able to read their own exposed states (this is just how the plugin builder works).

I have to make this feature in order for this to work. Otherwise use the Raw Data and upload it yourself :wink:

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Thanks for the reply, @jonah.deleseleuc.

  1. When using WeTransfer, for example, I can select or drag & drop a folder.
  2. When uploading one big file (1 GB), the upload progress stays at 0 % all the time and suddenly goes to 100 % (because it’s per file progress). That’s why it would be nice to have actual progress.
  3. Please add this.
  4. BBcode is a way to format texts ( For example, to insert bold, italics, underline, images, etc.
  5. Can you make this into a feature? For the user’s ability to remove or add more files to the raw data
  6. Yes, I get what you say here. The thing is that the :split method won’t work when someone has a file with a comma on the name (Person, animal, and object.mp4).

My most important features are (in order) 6, 5, 3, and 1.

And I would like to make some possible solutions for the first two (6 and 5), although I don’t know how to code. The raw data evaluates to a list of texts (developers have to spit by comma, which is dangerous and inaccurate). You could make the raw data a list of files. That way, we can access each file’s name and size, remove a file from raw data (5), and even make a thing for each file and each file attached to that thing (6).

Thanks again :slight_smile: :computer:

Hey Hacker,

I’ll try to implement some of those features then!

By the way, the raw data IS a list of files. But you can’t treat them like files yet, because they have not been uploaded anywhere. They are simply representations of your files that are currently stored on your computer. You can use split in a reliable and safe way, but you need to use regex. Regex is not for the everyday person but the Raw Data is meant for this kind of person :wink:

The only user friendly thing about Raw Data is the ability to preview files, but this will always be the case (it’s made to make the lives of developers easier).

What I’ll do is add an action that will return the metadata of a given raw data (like the file name and file size). This should be a good way to make this easier for you.



The latest update bring some major fixes and new features.

  • You can now set a max file size in MB
    (It checks the file sizes BEFORE uploading, and this works PER file)
  • You can now disable file uploads
    (It checks BEFORE uploading)
  • You can now limit the max amount of files that can be uploaded at once!
    (It checks the amount of files BEFORE uploading)

Don’t forget, you can use the file(s) is valid exposed state to determine programmatically if a file is valid.

Enjoy :smiley:



You ROCK dude! I found a workaround but this simplifies things so much. Awesome plugin, using it for


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My pleasure!

Checkout my other plugins if you’re interested :slight_smile:

can I setup a default folder for the [Choose a File] button?

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Nope! This is not possible in any environment, because web browsers do not have access to the file API.

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I’d like to use your plugin for a dropzone area.

My use-case:

  • I have a feed (repeating group) that displays their content as cards;
  • user can click an interact with the cards;
  • I’d like for the user to be able to drag content over the feed, and once hovered, your plugin detects that user wants to upload content;

I’ve noticed that:

  • you do have an exposed state that detects if a file or folder is being hovered;
  • the exposed state mentioned above, can only be used, if the file is hovered over the better plugin element (as far as I am aware)

Any idea how I can achieve this already with your plugin?

In the event of not being possible here’s a feature request:

As a user I would like to reference an element’s ID Attribute, so that I can use the exposed state “a File or Folder is Hovered” on other elements to trigger better upload workflow actions, etc.

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the documentation is deleted
How can I activate the feature of the drag and drop?

I am reworking the documentation now, it will be available on my website soon. However, drag and drop is enabled by default. You must simply drag a file over the uploader element.

Someone who implemented this before made a “invisible” element overlayed over the page to achieve this functionality. I will expand on this functionality soon, I hope it will help :slight_smile: