Better Way of Displaying List As Text?

I’m using a very funky and performance-heavy method for displaying a list as text, and I’m wondering if there is a better way that I’m missing.

I’m using “Extract with Regex” to clean up a phone number. I’m then using “format as text” to convert the list to text. Bubble inexplicitly requires a delimiter for the “format as text” so I have to put something in there, and I’ve chosen “-”. I’m then finding and replacing all of the “-” i just had to add. See images below

Screenshot 2023-03-19 22.18.19

Is there a better way to do this, or is this the only possible method?

If you only want to display them with a separator, you can use join with.

But if you want to use with more features, there is only this method.

This method is not so performance-heavy, especially if it is only one phone number. :pinching_hand:

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