[BIG ISSUE] Bubble Now Exposes Your Bubble App Name in the File Storage URL

For all storage files links, Bubble is now exposing your Bubble App Name and Information in the URL.

For example, it used to be https://s3.amazonaws.com/xxx for file storages, but now when the user clicks on the file, it directs them to the URL below

This seems a bit unprofessional to users and sometimes leads to broken file URLs as they no longer access the AWS file storage links anymore.

Bubble, can you please not expose our Bubble app name and at least use our domain registered?


I received this from Bubble:

“At this time, file URLs will be accessible at the old URL, but will default to the new URL appname.cdn.bubble.io/. Our team made this change as a security and reliability measure for the platform as the previous URL was at risk of being flagged by antivirus software. This should make the URLs more reliably accessible by users everywhere. For these reasons, we’re not able to revert to the previous behavior.”

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Wait they aren’t using your domain for the file URL? WTF

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Exactly. They are showing our app name.cdn.bubble.io for ALL storage files and DID NOT make this announcement publicly.

My app name is a bit embarassing and has nothing to do with the app name. This is so unprofessional…


Yep I just tried it now… TF?

This is unacceptable from Bubble. At least use our domain name. Why are they exposing our Bubble App Name like https://appName.cdn.bubble.io ?


Yep I just tagged Nick the other thread related to the unsafe file warning we are getting

Thank god 99% of my customer-facing files are stored in Wasabi… I will work to move the rest with this change if they can’t fix it. I would image they can’t use the domain because if we lose the domain then the file URL breaks maybe? I have no idea

I am migrating to Wasabi now. They didn’t make this announcement at all.

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Which Wasabi plugin do you recommend?

@redvivi 's

There is a unavoidable cold start time (10 seconds maybe?) if no one has uploaded anything within a minute it seems, not too big of a deal for me thankfully. Not plugin’s fault but Bubble’s server-side action cold start issue

His plugin lets you do a workflow-per file uploaded, and the uploader has a unique ID per file so I store each file like this: https://[bucketname].[region].wasabisys.com/storage/[uploader unique id]/[filename.ext]

So it’s a huge storage folder but every file inside is nested in it’s own unique folder so you can have duplicate file names and everything.

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Cold start of 10 seconds is unacceptable for the UX case for us. We take huge pride in seamless user experience… and having to wait 10 seconds for each file uploads would sometimes leave customers confused or have bad perception of our app. May need to look into other plugin.

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Yea it’s not 10 seconds per file, it’s the cold start for the server side action, if someone uploads a file then the next ones are all instant for like a minute. If people are always uploading then it’s fast for everyone if that makes sense.

Yeah, same for Stripe.js, there’s a weird 10 second cold start that is really bad for all UX on bubble… thanks for the help. I hope Bubble stops damaging their reputations… at least provide transparency. @josh

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I tried another Wasabi plugin where the entire S3 SDK was in the front end, there was no cold starts but what that means if your Wasabi API keys are all exposed in the browser console/logs… unfortunately server-side ones are more secure but have the cold start. It’s not really a Bubble issue but a AWS Lambda one.

May I ask why you decided to go with external storage in the beginning and also how complex it is to set it up to be working seamless? Does the use of external storage via plugin provide seamelss integration to Bubble?

Before the recent pricing change Bubble storage is $1000/TB, Wasabi is $6/TB :laughing:

It kind of depends, I just needed a box for users to drop large files then it is perfect. The problem is people have all these other plugins that can capture their webcams or whatever, but those are all uploading the Bubble S3 storage. So you would need a way to transfer a Bubble file to Wasabi after the fact, except Bubble has a limitation of like 22MB or something in the backend…

But the setup is actually quick if you read the docs and I can help with how I set mine up.

@redvivi Please correct me if I’m wrong on anything :laughing:


Yep. Only the first file upload would experience this if the app is lightly used. In a multi-file-uploader setting, this won’t impact the UX that much.
Lastly, you may have clever tricks to entertain the user to make it imperceptible.
The best is actually to test out the demo, so you may see by yourself: https://wasabiutilitiesdemo.bubbleapps.io/version-test

Besides exposing credentials in the front end, there is no other solutions to speed it up at the moment.

Yep im using wasabi as well, but you still have the microsoft edge alert right ? Microsoft Edge flagging files "This site has been reported as unsafe" - #25 by tylerboodman

The uploader element exposes some states, like if it has files queued for upload and the total upload percentage.

So I just have a element saying “Preparing upload” visible when the file count > 0 and the percent is 0

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