Blank Preview of demo lesson

I am encountering a strange problem in bubble that I am building something but when I click on preview it shows nothing. Plz help me out

Below mentioned image show what I have built

This is the preview of that Why it is happening ??

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Is this one of the demo lessons?

yes it is demo lesson

I get the same thing … and notice that the “Saving…” never changes to “Saved”

@emmanuel are you aware of this issue?

lesson link

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No. Can you email us a specific situation that breaks?

ya sure, let me do some more analysis on it.

Same issue today with demo lessons.

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I’ve got the same problem. It doesn’t matter what browser or lesson I take. It’s always showing the blank screen as the OP posted.

We just pushed a fix, let us know if you’re still hitting issues (should refresh the editor of course)

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