Bluetooth connection with Bubble?

Hey all,

I have a friend looking for an app developer who can use a framework like Bubble to pair a Bluetooth device as well as design some great screens.

Is Bluetooth pairing something that can be done in Bubble? If so, I may have a job for one of you. Thanks!

Hey Richard,
I was working on a project a few months ago that need Bluetooth and found it currently not possible/elegant on bubble yet.
I am by no means the worlds best bubble developer so a solution may be out there, but I would be careful about a devshop that promises Bluetooth capability unless they provide an example first.
I don’t know what kind of app (mobile or web) you need. But there are other solutions out there if your friend is serious about getting an app built.


Why are there so many scammers on here offering “help” lately. I wish there was a way to block them permanently. They’re easy to spot.


Looking to see if there are any updates on here about a Bluetooth device connecting with a Bubble app, even if custom JS code has to be written. Know there’s lots of third party plugin devs here. Thanks!!!


This may be able to help:

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I’m also interesting on how that could work with Bubble :slight_smile:

Hey Richardson,

I work at The Upstarters and I have just sent you a private message.

Look forward to chatting to you,