Booking project with Air date picker

Hey, guys,

I’m having trouble understanding how I can make the AirdatePicker work for a booking project. So I try a lot of things, but always in the wrong direction.

I try to block all dates in the picker by default to allow the owner to make them available as they wish.

When they are available, the user can choose the appropriate date (I know how to handle this part).
The problem is that I still can’t set the default calendar with dates that don’t exist yet. Because even if I have an available (yes/no) field, I need to have some dates to block.

I’m trying differents approaches :

  • Hide another AirdatePicker in the page to set dates from the current day to the current day + 2 (month) so I can block these dates with the visible AirdatePicker. This way I could treat the referenced content points with the available dates of the owner. But the visible AirdatePicker does not block these dates.

  • Define a custom state fill in with a list of dates providing with a range of dates (but obviously I can’t make a list from a range)

It seems to me that I missed a point in my thinking to make this feature work, so if you have a clue to help me in this reflection, I would really appreciate it,

Thank you

Or if you have a good (better) example of what I could do for a booking feature (like dealing with repeating groups rather than air date picker…), that’s help too… :wink:


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