Bootstrap Star Rating Not Working Properly with Arabic & Hebrew

It seems the Bootstrap Star Rating not working correctly when you try to hover the rating stars, you can see it doesn’t show the stars correctly. Although the Bootstrap Star Rating Supports RTL as you can see here:

How do I fix this?
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Hey @vascolucci, i took a quick look at the documentation from the link you sent and this is what it says regarding rtl.
Can this be the reason things are not working well for you?

Thanks for replying @seanhoots

The thing is that it is not possible to alter the plugin code or find a way to add to make Bootstrap star Rating as LTR so it works as it supposed to.

Any ideas?

I use my own start ratings. Created a reusable group. Set them to save the state (1-5) for which star is selected on the reusable element so that I can store it from the page.

Works great. And, I could make them look a bit nicer:

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Thanks @sridharan.s

Actually I was just checking out the airdev widget which is similar to yours in concept. I like it.

Thanks :+1:

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