Brain fart issues


I randomly get stuck in my own head and cant figure simple things out.

I am building a auction kind of app, and the setup of the database is:


  • Auction name (text)
  • last bid (number)
  • last bids (list of numbers)
  • Leading company (company) company that last put in their bid
  • Company that won (company) company that had the last bid before timer is out

When I want to show the winning company and their winning bid (last bid), AND 2 more companies that had the second and third lowest bids on that perticular Auction thing, I cant get the “last bids list” to show per company in a repeating group.

The screenshot below shows the last bids (list of numbers) on that Auction item, and I want to show each company’s individual last bid on that Auction item.

I have really tried everything and now I am blind. Please help :slight_smile:

I am thinking that it has to be a simple way of recording the companies bids created by them on each Auction yet I cant seem to do it.

Look at your app data in your database. You are not able to achieve it because it’s simply not possible with your current data structure. You are only saving the Company that has won in the database while overwriting old company data. Where should it come from in the repeating group? Also there is no relation between the bids and the companies.

You have to rethink your database structure.

@reger-alexander Thanks, I got it to work. I had the database already set up more complex than what I wrote here, but I just needed some clarity on to how this task would best be solved. I got out of the brainfog and was able to think straight :slight_smile: thanks for your reply.