Brand New and Need Some Direction

Sorry, I’ve tried searching but have not found the answer. I don’t know if it’s because I’m using the Basic account or what but I cannot get Expressions from the Toolbox plugin to auto run. I’m using the example at to try it.

I cannot simply get 2 fields to multiply into a text item. The Expression looks right but it’s just not working.

The expression seems to do the math correctly but does not display it to the MathFinal field.

Try placing everything in the same group.

I’ve never used this plugin but have had a good experience with Math.js.

Thanks. I had tried that as well and just completely removing the group and only having the fields by themselves.

How would you use Math.js for this? I’m trying to find instructions on how to use it.

Sorry, I see now that you can do math directly in the field. Ugh. So easy I missed it

Were you able to get the result you need?

Yeah. Still not sure why the expressions wouldn’t work but using math.js did work for me. Thanks!

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