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As a bubbler since 2016, I’ve seen bubble evolve and transform into this beautiful platform that gives you the ability to transform ideas into reality. If giving the opportunity I would invest in bubble big time, it is a no brainer for me because I believe in it.

Few years back the community was in touch directly with @emmanuel and @josh and when we faced some sort of a limitation we would request the feature and bubble would do them or the bubble community would sponsor the feature by chipping in together and make it happen, we miss that.

I’m writing this because our business is facing some difficulties due to a limitation we are facing right now with bubble and the bubble team is busy with other things and they would look into our request after 6 months or a year, we can’t wait that long and lose our business in front of our eyes, we have spent over $80K over the years to maintain our business.

I understand you have priorities and maybe you are short of engineers but what I’m saying here is “LET US HELP PLEASE”

We are willing to pay for the cost, maybe help you hire more engineers.
We know many bubblers who would love to see this.

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We actually entertained the same idea by creating Wishlist app, but that is a 2-sided marketplace, and is yet to gain enough traction from both sides to be helpful :sweat_smile:


Thanks for sharing that @vladlarin,

I think we need the bubble team to react to it and consider it as source of feature requests or create their own, it is essential to understand what the bubble community really want and what to improve.

Curious to know what it is, generally, that you need. What’s your blocking issue/feature you need?


Well, the feature we need and many bubblers want to see on bubble is the ability to White label our platform by allowing other domains CNAME our app (The right way though, not iFrames and such).

We have been using iFrame since the beginning and we have grown to a level that it is not a viable solution anymore and it doesn’t work on mobile, we tried sub-apps and it is one hectic-crazy … :dizzy_face: we created over 200 api workflows just for syncing and it is time consuming, plus it will consume your capacity and resources just for syncing data between apps.

Implementing this will open many doors specially for enterprise level solutions, this is very important to every SAAS business out there. This would also unlocks many ways to handle your apps on subdomain as part of your main app …etc

This is my feature request:

  • I need CNAME for Whitelabel Domain

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More people I think there are interested in the CNAME feature:
@jeffmccutcheon @jcalvarezjr @Vincent_London @petit-ricard @hola1 @solinz @mcampello @stephencharles @mihira @eli


Oh that. Well, yeah, a scriptable server layer would be nice, right? I even recently posted about some (basically trivial) enhancements that would have massive benefits (in the context of SPAs). But this seems not to be a thing Bubble is interested in.

It’s weird, because, if you think about it, the magic of Bubble doesn’t have anything to do with the front end stuff (it’s arguably way easier to do in-the-page stuff with other frameworks… or even vanillaJS).

The main thing that I like about Bubble is the BACKEND stuff. Boom, here’s your database. Boom, your app that doesn’t even do anything yet has a REST API.

But those things get no love.

Instead we get tutorials about “clone some stupid shit nobody wants to clone… WITHOUT CODE!!!”



Yup, this is a serious issue for most SaaS.


I chuckled at the cloning bit. No-code Twitter looks to be 80% people showcasing clones and talking about how they did it in 3 minutes while blindfolded and making breakfast. The other 20% are people debating code based no code.

To your point, though, the backend capabilities of Bubble are magic. It can be done better, of course, but I haven’t seen it done better anywhere.


I completely agree that it’s amazing you get a REST API without any effort in Bubble. But, it’s also incredibly frustrating when you then realize it returns a 200 success result even when people hit the endpoint without the correct values because it doesn’t support validation.

As a community, we need to be more candid about the incomplete solutions that don’t actually work for our needs and the API is one of them. Too many people start to believe that Bubble gives you a normal REST API but the truth is that an 80% solution often isn’t sufficient – somewhat like those Twitter clones that were built in a week but can’t load the main feed in less than 20 seconds. Let’s stop pretending this is impressive because nobody needs a twitter clone with huge performance problems. If it doesn’t actually solve your problem, it’d be better if it didn’t waste your time pretending like it did.

For transparency, we had to custom code our APIs because Bubble’s default doesn’t work near well enough. Plus, it’s a lot harder to custom code it on top of bubble than it would have been to custom code without Bubble at all. This 80% API solution was a mirage and turned out to be a complete waste of our time and resources.

The same is true for the ability to white-label the domain. This is trivial with custom code but damn near impossible in Bubble even when using custom code solutions.

Bubble is magic in so many ways, but let’s stop pretending like the magic always works because it doesn’t and too many people are getting fooled into believing it will solve their problem when it can’t.


Absolutely agree with this, and it seems to be one of the reasons people leave Bubble and go to Wappler - they realize Bubble can do things, but never well, and not nearly as well enough necessary for a viable product. Many, many ex-Bubblers on the Wappler forums have said that they left Bubble after realizing its paralyzing limitations and almost-always need for workarounds. This was almost understandable, until Bubble hiked prices up almost 50%, without any warning, and wouldn’t have done anything if the community hadn’t said something. Also, anyone heard much ever that thing with the investors? Yeah, no one.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I feel like a kid could do better running Bubble.


Has Bubble given you guys an update yet? If not, that’s seriously crappy behaviour.

@eve ??

They’ve definitely seen it, seems to me they’re just ignoring, like always

Yeah, you’re right.

Looks like there’ll have to be another community uproar before Bubble will actually do anything :roll_eyes: @vascolucci

No nothing yet, it is really disappointing not to have any of the bubble team join this discussion.

:studio_microphone: @emmanuel @josh @eve @allenyang @Bubble

Let’s keep this post active and get more votes.


It’s a matter of resources I believe. There are lots of features that we could reasonably request. I mean the repeating groups have needed real headers, sorting, and the ability to print one cell per page for years.

I lOVE Bubble!! But I’ll admit there are needed changes that external plugin developers just don’t have the time/resources to solve.


I would even be ok with crowdfunding plugins if Zeroqode made it an option.


@levon is it possible to make crowdfunding plugins an option?

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