Bubble add to car Calculation

Hello. I have been following the Bubble instructions on how to make an insta clone. I am having issues with the grand total Function.

Here is on bubble

This is mine

Followed by this

The issue is it is capturing the price. How can I create a calculation to add the price and display in a final sum Box?

This is my Dynamic data

I am trying to get the box to add the ‘3000+ 3000 + 3000’ so i can express the grand total of ‘9000’ But the Box is clearly not adding the sums up…

Here you can see back and front of whats going on

Thank you. would be a massive help.

Ok so now i have managed to get the Grand total sum to display. However I am now wondering. How do i let the user know that a product has been added to the cart.

But now im wondering how i can lwt the user choose a quantity and know that the button has actually added something to the cart.

Here’s an example. The setup might be different from what you have. The demo also uses privacy rules to protect the User’s cart information.

Editor: Demo53 | Bubble Editor

Demo: https://demo53.bubbleapps.io/version-test?debug_mode=true

Hello, the demo was very useful. I got it to work and the prices are being added into the shopping cart database. However… the price is not displaying in the grand total box. Still, nothing is happening when items are added to the cart. Despite it being added to my database.

I have attached some pictuers to show what I mean.

Must be your privacy rules, make sure you’re logged in.

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