Bubble adding extra numbers into calculation

Bubble seems to be adding extra numbers onto my calculations at the 22nd decimal place.

I pull in number A from an API connecter and save to the database.
I calculate number B by: A * 0.01
I calculate number C by: A - B

As you can see:

  • B on 07/26, 07/27 and 07/28 are correct but on 07/29 it adds 0.0000000000000000000003 to the number.
  • C on 07/26 and 07/27 are calculated correctly but on 07/28 and 07/29 (0.00000000000000000004 and 0.00000000000000000004 gets added on respectively)

I’ve noticed this before. Try rounding to a certain decimal place. This will get rid of that vestigial digit.

Hi Robert,

I thought that may be the best answer as well.

Apparently it’s a fairly common issue ‘floating point error’ with spreadsheets as well.

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