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Bubble API (GET with search constraints)


What is the correct format to put in value field of a search with constraints, when you are using a data type that you created instead of using basic types as text, number, etc…?

I tried the object’s unique_id (as it seems to be when I do a GET without search constraints), but here is the response I received:

{“statusCode”:400,“body”:"{\n “status”: “INVALID_DATA”,\n “message”: “Issue with data for workflow Car: key motor 12345x12345 do not have the right format”\n}"} (Where Car is the data type of the list I want and Motor is the specific attribute to limit the search.)

Hi @emmanuel, would it be possible to know how to convert the Date Format into a readable one? date = 1478457073678 (obtained with Bubble GET API)

What we do behind the scene is

new Date(value_you_sent)

so if you send 1478457073678, it will be interpreted by Bubble as

new Date(1478457073678)
Sun Nov 06 2016 13:31:13 GMT-0500 (EST)

If it’s not what you’re seeing, please file a bug report.

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