Bubble App of the Day: LifeLegacy

Even for the most responsible of us, legacy planning can be daunting. But it’s important, and that’s why Spencer, Jordan, and Austin Cassidy created LifeLegacy. When the brothers tragically lost their dad to a brain tumor at 51, they realized most people were financially unprepared for death. They also realized how vexing the process of estate planning could be. With LifeLegacy, anyone can quickly establish a legacy with a legally vetted and free last will and testament. Users can also explore nonprofits they want to support through a charitable bequest in their will, and charities can accept and activate gifts—all in one Bubble app. Currently, early users of LifeLegacy have pledged $14,300,000. The founders spoke to us about LifeLegacy, what they’ve been able to do with Bubble, and the unique ways they make legacy planning and charitable giving manageable.

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