Bubble App of the Day: SimpleLive

Digital concerts, celebrity streams, sporting events—these are just a few of the occasions where live-streaming can be key. But setting up live-streaming on your own app or website can be a pain. SimpleLive CTO David Richards is trying to change that; he thinks live-streaming should be a lot easier to integrate. In just a couple minutes, SimpleLive users can set up live-streaming with real-time analytics on their own app or website. We spoke with SimpleLive about their app and what’s next.

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Hello and attention please!

Even though the functionality is working, I am shocked by simplelive.co 's payment processing. I wanted to give this app a try, however figured out that it does not suit the purpose I need it for.

When trying to cancel the free subscription, there was no such button that would allow for. Only after resizing the screen several times, the button could be found ( what a coincidence).

Now I just saw that they also charged my credit card, eventhough I have cancelled the free subscription trial after one hour.

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