Bubble app on Europe (EU) server located

Had my previous reply drafted but @chrislarge305 elaborated perfectly on that. Keep in mind you might want to look at the potential fines (2% of company revenue) and find them to be acceptable.

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I have had a good read and have ensured we always comply with this.
I’m confident as long as you use good practices in your company with handling data, getting consent, managing access, etc, good cookie/privacy policies etc then its not too hard to comply.

@emmanuel I know you have been clarifying that your counsel is currently looking into the GDPR compliancy of Bubble, but to be more precise (as this is a very important topic I am currently also discussing with my counsel) it is very important to have an answer from your side on the following questions:

  • Are you already in the process of having Bubble.is registered as a company in the EU-US Privacy Shield Register (which is a pre-condition for us European customers being able to legally have our apps hosted on Bubble in the future)?
  • Will there be an official Data Protection Agreement (DPA) in place which the European users can look into for their material (as we will need this legally as proof, that Bubble.is is compliant to the GDPR).

I am sorry to be that following up on this, but some status from your side on this would be appreciated as this is an existential threat to us here in Europe if we can´t get those documentations at hand for all our service providers in the US. I know it has been correctly mentioned several times on this forum that AWS is compliant with all those points (and provide all this information to their users), but as my contractual situation is with Bubble.is (and not with AWS), the above statements would be required from Bubble.


You are absolutely right, this is what’s needed. Minor correction: Usually the DPA refers to Data Processing Agreement.

I agree - we have many customers in Europe which will be affected by that - @emmanuel, please let us know if there is a plan for that, at least for the low hanging fruits like company registration (until the actual technical/data security part of the GDRP is fully clear).

Hi guys, we just posted an update on what we’re doing here: Update on Bubble's GDPR compliance work

Thanks Josh!

Hello all, Hello @emmanuel

I discovered Bubble a few weeks ago and it’s really everything I was looking for in order to create a web app for the new online business I want to start up (Belgium) I’m getting the hang of working with Bubble and blown away with the possibilities… truely amazing !!

But I would like to know a few things before fully commiting to use Bubble to create my webapp:

Sorry for my questions but I am completely new at this… Please advise in human language :slight_smile:

– How do you publish your created webapp?
Is it possible to use Bubble in Europe? how does this work? Hosting? Pricing?
What about the GDPR compliance?

– webflow and bubble connection?
When I finished my webapp, is it possible to create a landing page on webflow.com and connecting them?
(would be a landing page with buttons to redirect them to the bubble webapp)
If so, how does this work?

Thank you in advance for quick replies


Same with Canada and Australia Canadian customers demand that the app runs from AWS Canadian datacentres.

@fred3 We have AWS Montreal servers for Dedicated and can usually help with compliance questions if you are getting questions for a specific region.


Any plans for region specific professional pricing plans? I need my data to be UK based but the dedicated plan are very expensive!

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Is there a way to get shared plan in EU if there are enough bubble developers using it? Same thing for other regions

It is a bottle beck for many users and extra latency is a bit annoying. It would solve some data privacy issues too


@joeyruss @boostsalesgroup Local servers for main cluster plans is a popular request especially for our EU and Australia users. We do not have a timeline for this but we are keeping track of the interest for this feature.


I’m looking forward seeing this. About the dedicated plan: can one developer host multiple apps on it?

@boostsalesgroup Yes, Dedicated is flat-rate and you can create and host as many apps as you like

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Well I started this thread almost 3 years ago so count me in.

I think it will improve and let EU customers feel more safe in terms of GDPR, EU data protection law, etc. since right now it seems that it will be changing regularly.

Also the EU customers will get a boost of speed which can improve things a lot for us.

You´re doing a great job btw and this will be a super exciting thing.

Thanks a lot for listening.

Have a nice day.



Any updates on this?

Also, wondering if EU AWS data center locations available on the Agency plan offered?
Says on the plan page that paid features are available… but with no specific mentions of server location options.

Altogether, options for EU storage is sorely needed and ideally should be offered free for all - why not really?

The demand has been made clear by other commenters in this thread.

As to why I think the thread starter nails it in his latest comment in regards to the ‘feeling safe’ aspect of otu EU based clients.

So thanks for listening and implementing a great vision. Hope to see things happening soon in this department as well :slight_smile:

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Would love to see support for Europe servers. Would be great to select from Settings which server you want to be on. Would be great for all users and only allow to change 1 time per month.

This would solve speed issues I guess?


Yes, as I come closer to product launch, I’d really love to be on a European server too…


That would be a great idea.