Bubble app on Europe (EU) server located

This really needs to happen :frowning:


This is already a functionality available with AWS. @neerja what do you think?

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Yes please. This is urgent


Does anybody know the cost of a dedicated server located within the EU? I know this has always been mentioned as a option but I cant find any pricing.


I don’t know if it’s possible… but a group of people could come together to pay for a dedicated server. For example, if the cost of a server is $2,000 a month, then 100 people at $20 would be the solution. The whole thing will have to be operated by a manager.

I was just thinking about that option if group of people comes together and rents from one operator.

Maybe we should set up a poll who would be interested and how users there are from Europe?

We don’t support multiple app owners on the same Dedicated server currently. We know regional servers are important to the community but cannot guarantee a timeline at the moment.


I think it’s important to have that feature for everyone and not only paid accounts, because it’s a feauture available already with AWS. Europe tiers price might be higher.

Wasn’t sharing a dedicated instance possible in the past?

@JonL We considered it some years back but decided against it to maintain clarity in ownership and point of contact

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Hey @neerja,
If I buy a dedicated plan that means I can use it for multiple apps? Will I still need to pay for each app or is that included in the one dedicated plan?

I always thought each app would have to be on their own dedicated server.

@J805 Dedicated is flat rate, you can add as many apps as you like on the same server, but keep in mind that more apps will use more capacity, and you may need to upgrade your box.

Can we choose which apps use the dedicated server and which apps are not on the dedicated server?

@J805 Yes

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

May I add two cents worth, it would be great if we could buy a server / license config from the AWS marketplace as we might say WOWZA or Filemaker. This would mean we could then spin up our own dedicated cluster EC@ RDS etc and with valid Bubble license run our app. I know this is probably more long term but suspect this would make it so much more appealing.


Keeping this discussion alive! We do need Australian and EU now UK main cluster servers.


Is the issue here Privacy legislation in Europe? If not it should be really easy for Bubble to spin up an AWS cluster in Europe?

I wonder what the issue is here?


It would be nice to hear if there are change to run bubble on a different servers in the future.

I have been using UpCloud to hosting wordpress sites and it is super fast.

I think you may well find that even spinning up an “in region cluster” if said cluster is being accessed by people outside of the EU (Buuble people in the US) or more recently the UK that will contravene a raft of bits and pieces regarding privacy and regulatory compliance