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Bubble Bootcamps Instructor Spotlight: Matt McGowan

Bootcamp instructor Matthew McGowan was not expecting to start a new life in Thailand when he first arrived in the country in 2011. However, his desire to fully immerse himself in a different environment led him to indefinitely extend what was originally just a one month trip. He now lives there with his wife and child, and has made a living as a second language English teacher and entrepreneur. Matthew discovered no-code tools such as Bubble while seeking to create his own startup business, and since then has built a considerable amount of output without coding. We asked him to tell us more about his life experiences, both before and after becoming a no-code instructor.

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Wait… Boston has a real name?!? No, no, no… that just won’t do. :slight_smile:


Highly recommend Matt @boston85719

Top human and top coach :ok_hand:

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Thanks @vivienne for putting this up. Thanks @equibodyapp for the recommendation.

I really enjoyed all his coaching :slight_smile:

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