Bubble Database automatically storing derived negative values as 0

Hi Bubblers,
I tried searching the forum but couldn’t find a solution for my below query. Will much appreciate if anyone can look into below and advice:

In my database, I have two tables namely “Initiation Data” and “Exit Data”. Both these tables have a field named “Bias” (data type - Number)

Value for Bias in Initiation Data is fetched from User upon clicking certain buttons and value for Bias in Exit data is saved as -1*Bias of initiation data, upon trig erring certain workflows.

So for example, if Bias of initiation data is fetched as 1, Bias of the corresponding exit data should be calculated as -1 if a certain workflow is triggered

However, upon running the app, I notice that for all positive values of Bias Initiation Data (say +1), bias exit data is saved as 0 (instead of -1)

What seems to be causing this error.