Bubble Dev Group Members

I’m currently collecting resources and new developers with basic to advanced development abilities.

Looking for:
-Bubble Experience (basic-advanced)
-JavaScript Plugin Developers (basic-advanced)
-Bubble Template Developers (basic-advanced)
-Graphic Design Artists Ready to Paint Over Old Internet (advanced)
-Any of the Top Cloud Platforms, Need Help Writing Plugins to Simplify (basic-advanced)
-AI / ML Experience to help Develop New Plugins and Use for ML (advanced)
-API Devs / Large API Collections (any)
- .Net C# Desktop Developers (intermediate-advanced)

I’m putting together a new group/company that is going to utilize this new method of development. We’re building up our resources, finding new devs and non-devs daily, while we establish our home-base app on Bubble.io.

We start by streamlining fast to even-faster development. We unite under a single brand/logo in the app stores while we release new free and paid apps daily, until we’ve filled as many gaps as we find in the plugins for this system. Bubble.io hasn’t even reached 1M users, it’s young and still tons of potential to go. Making it easier for ourselves makes it easier for everyone else, and I have a number of projects that will generate lists of plugins needed soon.

The ad on FB told me that I could use this to build a fb-site. What I heard was someone just gave me the green light on something I’ve been dying to do for 20 years now and I’m moving on it today. Calling it After-Fb (AF). I’m going to systematically attack until they have to buy us to stop from losing their market-share. The previous social network crippled their own product to make it more profitable for ads, but what they actually did was pile shit on top of shit that matters and I’ll prove it. Soon. I need help from a few advanced users, with lots of tasks for less skillset so we’re moving quickly. I have 200-300 users waiting on us to send them links to v1. First I need to get a few things in order, then we’re making a new meme chat-room-game that should be entertaining.

Link to a Google Doc I’m working on if you care to hear more… There’s still plenty TDB, but I think it’s coming together as a business approach…

Thanks - Jason Langan

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What is the pay scale for the different positions?

This is a zero capital startup, using a coin based system of payment tracked in our dev environment. They aren’t crypto because there’s no reason for it now, but serve as stock in the venture and your % of income earned as a result of the numerous ways we’ll collect as a group.

The world valued Instagram at 1B, so that’s our starting coin value and we’ll grow into it. I’m doing job based bounty payments for solutions I need… without knowing specific numbers and who fits where yet. I can tell you that if I get to the end of this plan like I expect, everyone who mattered is set. Anyone hustling trying hard will be noticed and they’ll get the max coins we’re paying anyone.

The whole concept boils down to one bet- I bet 1B of Dev Hours in Bubble >= $1 B Value Created. We’re creating social platforms, I’m looking for creative types to come try with me. We can mass produce these ideas, meaning we can try and fail and learn quickly until we find it. Making our first $1B as a company is all we’ll need to turn those coins 10-20-100x the initial $1usd value. I can make 900 people millionaires at the end of first objective, very soon after that our USD backed crypto coin will enter the public domain to set the market value for coins we ‘just’ proved pay off.

With any luck, most of the people who volunteer are smarter than me, we’ll have forums with public debate that drive this project. I have 1 project I have to do, 1 solid backup project, then we’ll vote on the 3rd best idea etc… I’m asking for 3-6 months from up to 900 hustlers (way more than dev needed here) working every angle… fear of missing out… you’ll hate seeing bubble for life if you passed on this and I’m right :wink:

I’m not doing this for money, this working would mean too much of it… but a show on Netflix about a tech billionaire snapping and going on the opposite of a shooting spree sounds like something they’d pick up. Follow that by the fact that we’re actually spending the money helping people who need it and solving problems the government can’t - that’s where it’s just fun :slight_smile: We don’t have people making billions who don’t want it, I’ve got a magic trick here, everyone come do something and then poof, 5B falls from the cloud… I’ve toned down the language talking about this b/c no one believes it, but I have steps with POA ready. By the time the book realizes they need to take me seriously, it’s too late. I’m taking their audience somewhere better and selling out to parent cloud Google/Amazon. That’s when your virtual IOU from me becomes of value.

Hear anything you doubt / see problems with? lets talk it out… the plan is fluid, goal remains the same. Fund our startup coins first, then keep mass producing apps to find what’s about to be next. Then, we’re going to use the results of too much to do something amazing this time. I’d rather see millions of things better than have a billion paper anything. Anyone else with me?

If that’s the toned down version, I’d love to read the non-toned down version! :slight_smile:

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Have you been paying attention to /wallstreetbets?

:joy: I like the gumption

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Lol! I just keep going with the story past making sense to people (as i’ve been told lol). I wrote this as a script 10 years ago with lots of TDB, recently I saw the part I was waiting for. Even if I have to tell the story first, tell the story about what happens next ends up being how I do what happens next. It’s like a fortune cookie that keeps telling you to flip it over. Untoned version’s talking about Kanye. It connects :wink:

assume i haven’t… continue. Recent game stock story that came from Reddit did tell me where I’m headed to promote this after we get home-base built. I have viva la revolution packed into this… later. It’s a story that works out well for everyone :slight_smile: Critical mass wants this story to happen the way I’m telling it, so it does… sonic boom

Whose account is all this product built on?