Bubble developer for working onto a marketplace project

Hi guys I am looking for a freelance bubble developer to give me a hand in launching a marketplace app on top of a ready template. Please let me know if someone is interested!


Hi there!
I could possible be of help!
Feel free to email me at aaronagoppjr@gmail.com
Hope to hear from you!

Welcome @godomodo13
Here is some information you could include in your post:
What does your app do? What kind of marketplace?
What template are you thinking of using?
Who will use it?
When do you want to deliver your app?
What kind of budget do you have for the consulting?
Do you need analysis and design or just implementation?
Does the job require knowledge of any industry or domain?
What level of Bubble expertise do you need (entry, experienced, expert)?
Is the job fixed price or hourly fee?
Is the job full-time or part-time?


Thank you @alan5 for the useful list of questions, so here are some answers:

My app is a multivendor marketplace focused on healthy lifestyle products.

I am using a template I bought from zeroqode which is very complete but I need to be sure that the final version I will release will be something visitors will enjoy. I am a beginner at bubble and willing to learn but I am also a mom and I don’t have enough time to devote and focus on the learning process. This is why I would like to work with someone who can hold my hand at the beginning.

I would like to deliver my app relatively quickly because I am not pretentious on design and I want very basic functionalities to start with which I can upgrade as I go.

I have not set a budget I hope I can introduce someone to the app and discuss from there.

I need implementation rather than design and analysis.

no required knowledge of industry just expert knowledge on bubble.

If we work well together this might be a full time job in time.

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Hi @godomodo13 ! I’m ready to help, you can check my UX/UI skills by the links below.


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Great! Please PM me so we can discuss a budget.

Hi, I would love to help you develop your MVP at an affordable cost. From the description given, I will come in handy in ensuring you launch a product that will meet the expectations of your client. You can email me at paulronoh1994@gmail.com so that we can discuss your project.

Thank you all for reaching out!