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Sorry for the late repsonse. I missed your message

Yeah I think it should be responsively configured else how will you deal with the different screen sizes of iphones, ipads, android phones and android tablets. It would still work otherwise but I’m pretty sure apple will reject the app citing quality of experience or something like that.

Thanks. I checked and there is an issue with your setup. Sent you the DM

Yes you was right my mistake, thank you.

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Hey! I’m just about the launch my app but I’m having some difficulties with slidable menu on iphone. I have touch “no” but it is still enabled.


regarding the Phone number input:

I’m using Firefox and having the following issue:

This screen is from your demo app. It only appears when used in a popup.

Can you provide a fix for this?

Hi @gaurav can you make the float plugin allow for inner scrolling like set to both floating group. I can also see there is some unusual thing happening responsive:

I’ve mentioned this to him previously and he’s said that there’s nothing that can be done. I was currently in the process of designing a much better plugin as I’ve seen this is a huge requirement for many people. When I get the time I will resume the development. Here is the forum post:

Hello @jamesbond we figured out how to do this without the plugin!

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Hi @gaurav! I’ve got a few ideas for the next release of bdk Phone number input:

  • Support for an English-only country names (i.e. no local names in the list; there are a lot of usecases for something like that, especially when building tools internal to U.S. companies);

  • Support for fetching flag emojis from the element (the same way we can now fetch, say, the two-letter ISO code);

  • Support for moving through input form by pressing the Tab key (currently, when I move through the input form that way and the phone input field comes up next, first two tab strokes are ignored and the third one finally activates it);

  • Support for the “in focus” conditional (going back to the previous example for a second: when the field gets activated, there’s currently no visual indicator it’s in focus and no direct way to style it using the Conditionals tab).

Anyway, just a few suggestions from a customer. :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you and keep up the great work!

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@gaurav FWIW, the issue @reger-alexander described above should probably have much higher priority than anything from my wishlist. I’ve just encountered the very same bug he had when I placed a Phone Number Input in a group that’s inside of a popup. :confused: (In my case, the layout breaks in Safari and Chrome.)

@gaurav One more bug to put on your radar: when the phone input is not set to fixed width in responsive settings, it breaks, the country section disappears entirely, and — for all practical purposes — the whole thing turns into a regular text input, breaking any form validation in place.

This is fixed. Please update the plugin.

Don’t believe this is the case. I’ve changed the demo app editor from fixed width to responsive so you can have a look here. If the input is converting to usual input the way you mentioned, it could happen if the library didn’t get downloaded due to connection issue.

New Plugin Added !!

Check it out here!

@Bubble it seems I’m unable to update the original post #1 on this forum thread… could you help?

New Plugin Added - Google Maps (bdk)

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Hi @gaurav
The new date, time range plugin is the same thing that the Air DateTime Picker from @seanhoots (that is free) no? Maybe you can explain what this one add that is not available in the other plugin?

Thanks :wink:

I think you may have checked the datepicker (bdk) plugin (which is #9 on the list).

The date / time / range / zone picker plugin which I published couple of weeks ago is different (#18 on the list) which I’m pretty sure is not the same as Air DateTime plugin

I checked the #18 not the #9. The #9 is more similar that the Air DateTime Dropper I think

Oh I see. I honestly haven’t used the other plugin so can’t specifically tell you the differences (maybe give it a try?). But if I were to take a guess - the ability to set a timezone in the bubble editor element for the bdk one is unique compared to other datetime pickers.

Ok thanks


What I’ve been looking for is a time-only picker. Failing to find one, I created a reusable element that pretty much does what I need.


Hopefully, you can see the element here:

I’m not familiar with sharing apps publicly, so I hope it comes across and you can see but not edit it.
Here’s the “live” version:

I’m using the Bubble date picker and Air Date/Time picker for setting values in the sample page.

For my purposes, increments of 5 minutes is fine.

It’s pretty clunky, using repeating groups and a data type storing the time pieces (hour, minute, am/pm), but . . .
So far it seems to work as intended although I haven’t tried it on a phone or in a group focus or floating group.

I know I’m not the only one who wants a simple, clean time-only picker as a plugin that works on phones and in floating group and group focus elements.

Are you interested in doing something like this?

@laurence the Air datetime picker allow you to only use time picker and set interval. I guess that is the sane eith the one from gaurav. After, you can use :extract to only have the hour and minutes

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