Suggestion: Free trial of Plugins

Hey @bubble team,

It would probably be super helpful to the community & plugin builders if we could offer a ‘trial period’ for plugins. That way potential users can make a more informed decision if (1) a plugin suits their needs and (2) also compare them with other plugins that offer similar functionality

Is there a plan / easy way to implement this?

Thank you!


Thanks for raising this again @gaurav. We really need this


New bubble user here and in many cases I have no idea what a plugin really does based on its small description or if it will fit my needs. Its hard to justify paying for the plugin without these unknowns answered, thus I haven’t bought any paid plugins.

I think it would benefit plugin developers tremendously because those of us that are on the fence, would easily buy if we could be sure it works for our application.

Also, please don’t allow crippleware. If your going to do a trial, make sure all features are available to fully test with.

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Would love to see this as well. I’m having to buy multiple copies of the same plugin just for playing around in different test apps.

I also like to have a sandbox app where I can try stuff out separate from the main app. Not having access to the same plug-ins as the main app is a bit of a bummer.

Not sure if it’s hidden somewhere, but I couldn’t find any legal agreement for plugin use, highlighting that it’s limited to one app instance, and not one bubble account. Might be worth adding that on the plugin pages.

Hi @ben15

You can try the plugin (monthly subscription) for one day and delete it. Cost? less than 10 cents. When the plugin makes sense to you, just buy it instead of the monthly cost. Plugins are different, and some value plugins are priceless.
It is now difficult to find yourself among the +700 plugins. I suggest plugins whose authors are always present on the forum, and that they give support, otherwise you will embark on the adventure.


@JohnMark something I never would have known! I thought plugins were billed monthly or full price. I didnt know they were prorated daily.

I still think a trial is a good way to let people try plugins and get to love them, but for the mean time, it would be great to make this pricing fact known somewhere on the plugin store page so more people like me are motivated to give paid plugins a try.

Derp…we’ll I guess thats a thing already. Teaches me to read everything on a page.

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1000% agree. I spend a lot of money finding out that plugin simply doesn’t work. This would solve it.


I don’t offer subscription on my plugin actually (but pricing are really low). Should I? But I agree that trial on plugins is a good Idea and probably easier to manage vs add subscription, delete subscription (refund?)…
If you reach me, I will not hesitate to make a free trial manually for you app if you need to test. But I don’t think that all plugins authors will be open to do that.

It sounds like subscription is a good way to offer trials to users for now if/until a real trial period is offered.

Hear, hear! I’m new to bubble, and was expecting either zero cost until deployment, or at least a sandbox where I can test bubble - but within seconds it was apparent I was going to have to subscribe to a paid subscription, simply so I can pay to have a look at a plugin. Until I know what I’m doing with Bubble, and whether Bubble can achieve everything I need it to, there’s no way of me knowing whether it’s going to be a huge waste of time and money. Nobody gets any use out of it until it’s deployed, so why not start charging at that point only? As things stand I am probably not going to continue with Bubble even though I have gone through all of the lessons and it seems to be really good. It needs some sandbox stage between lessons and full on development/deployment otherwise it’s not going to go anywhere IMO