Bubble developer needed ASAP!

I am building an MVP for our platform of Altruism.

We need someone to provide some pointers on the basics…We are willing to pay for this consulting effort.

Please contact me if you are knowledgeable with Bubble and can help us with building our app.

Hey @carson :wave:

We would be happy to help out! :blush: Not sure if you are looking for paid or free help. If you want some paid coaching, you can check out my site. If you want free help, you can post specific questions on here and we can see if we can help out in between sessions.

As a note, we don’t build the project for you. We would help you build it yourself with one-on-one sessions.

If you prefer to pay someone to build it for you I can give you some referrals. Just depends on which direction you want to take.

Hope that helps! :blush:

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Thankyou ! We are looking for someone to help us on a paid basis. We would be interested in learning through paid coaching and getting referrals to people that can be paid to build the whole application. If you would be willing to send me some referrals that would be awesome!

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Sounds good. I would be happy to help with some paid coaching. You can check out availability for a session on my site. It will give you my ‘live’ availability. You can just chose a date and time that matches best for you, according to the schedule.

Hope to see you soon! During the session I can discuss the different referral options for you and explain each one’s strengths, if that’s alright. :blush:

By the way, welcome to the Bubble Community! :tada::confetti_ball:

Hi Carson,
I’d love to hear more about the project if we can connect. I’m a UI designer and am happy to give some input for the design of the mvp. How can I get in touch?

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