Bubble developer needed for 2 charity sites


We are looking for someone with good experience using Bubble both in the development and design sides within the Editor. We have 2 sites that have been built using Bubble and need someone to maintain these sites, but also further develop at key points with new features/functionality.

The first site is really quite simple, with standard pages and no API integration. What it does have though is a booking system that allows the general public to find appointments slots and book. Its pretty standard and this only runs seasonally, but does require updating with CSV files and may need future improvements.

The other site is a bit more complex in the design and development. It allows users to signup, access materials, follow an on boarding process to make sure they get the most out of the resources and also has a embeddable widget using API data through the connector plugin.

To have an English speaking consultant who understands the importance of timelines and has design experience to enable a rounded service. Someone who understands the creative process instead of just adding the content and can develop new features in an efficient manner.

Both sites are using the ‘Personal’ legacy plan and this is sufficient enough for the time being. With regards to comments and documentation, everything has been well documented within element, workflow, data types and so on within the Bubble editor comments. Plus there is some very extensive documentation on both sites within Notion pages we have created that cover key workflows, API integrations, plugins used, page information/purpose and lots more. This can of course all be provided when the time comes.

If you are interested in filling this role, please send a PM to me and I can provide further details about the sites, rate of pay and more background details about the charity.

Thank you,


Good Everning/Morning I would be happy to assist you with this feel free to contact me at Office@cosmichosting.co.uk


We would be happy to chat further about your project.

Just drop me a line - valeria.drozdova@zeroqode.com

Hi @mf-charity,

Welcome! Just a heads up that I don’t think we can PM you through the forum if you just joined.

There’s a few hoops and clout that needs to be built first.

However, this looks right up my alley. Would love to learn more, and as others have done on this thread feel free to fire me any details to mark@nocodebros.studio, and I’ll be happy to discuss.

Thanks! And cheers :clinking_glasses: to charity and bettering the world.

If you are still looking out for someone, I would be interested as it is within my skill set.
You can reach me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com
Best Wishes,

Thanks for everyone’s replies/pm’s and reaching out.

We will review and get back to everyone within the next couple of days.