Bubble Developer needed for Upvote clone site

Hello guys,

I have been playing around with bubble for about two days it seems fantastic so far!

I was pretty curious to know if the community had any developers for available hire?

I need help with quite a few final touch for the site and possibly even some custom requests depending on availability and pricing. I know I could probably do a few on my own but I would prefer getting the help from someone who is very familiar with the platform for the complex details.

Thank you

Dear Guillaumeb,

Definitely I am available, please contact me at [email protected]
Also sent you a PM , kindly check your inbox for more details.

Will be happy to assist you and looking forward for your swift response.

Best regards,
Scott W.

Thank you Scott, I just sent you a request on Skype!

Hi, thanks for the details.

will be happy to work. See you soon !

**Best , **


I would be able to assist you.
You can reach me on [email protected]

Skype bytezular


Hey I built bubblehunt.bubbleapps.io :slight_smile:

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Hi Paul…

I am currently looking for something like bubble hunt for Students to suggest possible courses and upvote ones they would take for a project I am working on at the high school I teach.

Any chance you have an idea at a cost for the template?


hey JB
we’ve built a Product Hunt clone - take a look here: https://zeroqode.com/
Let us know if any questions


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