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Bubble + Discord bot not todo with plugins

hello, id like to send a command from discord that in turn can Control the bubble DB app data to perform a action + change a DB value

The user would perform a command such as ${prefix} = what would normally amount from code
so if ${prefix} = ! (then command would = !bump )

I’m currently using canvas + bubble to build a discord and listing service site which already is getting some nice reviews from my (VERY SMALL) discord community member base but all in turn id like to add the possibility users can use a bot to bump their server to the top of the website but this can not be done if i dont understand how i can achieve this i was looking into and well it has todo with alot of code im not a coder but maybe there is a way this idea above can still be achieved via bubble?

  • best regards
    Ben Morin

hoping someone can help! - or shoot some ideas!

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