Bubble Docs - Creating a Structure - Special Example: Option 3 Friends

I’m confused about how this special example is executed. Any insight/guidance would be greatly appreciated!


Special example: when friendships are complicated
…For Option 3, you may want to modify the setup a little bit - instead of one field for one User and a second field for the other, instead you may want to have one field for “Friendship Members” that’s a list of Users - this puts Alice and Bob “on the same footing” so to speak, so you don’t have to worry about who’s “Friend1” vs “Friend2”. (Since social networks tend to have a lot of such relationships, we recommend trying Option 3 for this case.)”

1st Question is:
How would I identify who is a friend of the current user? Would I just do a search for “Friendship Members:contains…” current user and then list all of the 2nd (i.e. or other, since the current user may not always be first in the list) items in the list to show the friend (i.e. other member)?

2nd Question set:
What is the benefit of doing it this way?
Is it any better than just doing the Option 1 + 2 which requires keeping track of both the current user’s friend list and the person who is now a friend of the current user but also offers the ability to quickly identify all of the current user’s friends by simply displaying the list of users without a search?